Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Guided Trail Rides

HTRA Guided Trail Rides

HTRA is pleased to announce our new service of providing a Guided Trail Ride.  If you and your friends are new to the Hungerford trail system and would feel more comfortable having a trail guide come along on your first trail ride, please contact Joan Balk @ a few days before your planned trail ride.

There are so many benefits of selecting a guided trail ride and just a few are; you get to meet new riders who know the trails, you don't have to ride alone, trail guides can plan a route to fit your time schedule, less changes of getting lost, and so much more.

When you email Joan, make sure to include your name, contact number, date of trail ride, preferred time frame, approximately how many people in your group, your preferred riding style (walk, trotting, cantering), whether you are riding gaited or non-gaited horses.

We look forward to assisting you in your first trail ride experience at Hungerford or returning to Hungerford but would like company on the trails.

Happy Trails